Vince Burke

Infinity Institute

Infinity Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, LLC have been working with 2020MD Billing for three years. When we first opened our doors, we made the decision to hire an individual to do our medical billing. Within three months, it became apparent that this was a grave mistake. Lorna and her staff came to our rescue. It took several months to discover and correct the errors and omissions that the first person made. 2020MD Billing tirelessly went through the painful process of checking each and every diagnosis code, procedure code, and charge that was made, making corrections while also keeping up with our growing daily physical therapy practice billing. I cannot thank Lorna and her team for pulling us out of such a stressful time. Over the years, Lorna and her staff have become part of our family. We speak almost daily and they never make us feel like we are bothering them, or that they are too busy for us. The turn-around time for special requests and daily duties is quite impressive. The team is very accountable and responsible for their work. There is a wonderful work ethic that is apparent in the effort that they give our company. Whenever there has been a problem or a difficulty, Lorna has been there for us and diligently manages the situation until it is resolved. In these difficult economic times, it is very stressful to think about what the future holds for healthcare, and our business. The one thing that we are certain of is that we have a wonderful partner to go through it with. 2020MD Billing will make the hurdles seem less massive and we will get through all we need to with the assistance of their knowledge, persistence, thoroughness, and attentiveness. From something bad, we found something good. Thank you, Lorna and your team, for years of wonderful and dedicated service. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Dr. Robert D Boyd

a 28-year-old Family Practice, Managing Director, Corporate Company

My office has been using 20/20MD Billing Company for 5 months now and we couldn’t be happier with their services. Lorna has been very professional at all times, meeting with me and my staff as necessary, educating us as to how we can best help ourselves and our patients, and offering us the services of a very competent staff. Lorna has single-handedly boosted my receipts by 50 %, while offering me any direction, advice, reports or analyses that I need. I would strongly recommend 20/20 MD Billing to any healthcare provider who wants to work with a professional staff that gives great results.

David J. Friedman


I had the good fortune of finding 20/20 [Lorna Gabriel] at the time I had a staff turnover in my practice. I had never looked closely at my accounts receivable, nor did I understand the intricate ins and outs of billing and the appeals process. Lorna and her staff have a no nonsense attitude. I take comfort knowing that they are in my court navigating the complicated waters of the insurance world, fighting on my behalf.

Dr. Gary S. Safier D.O.

Board Certified Family Practioner

I have been in practice for forty years and I have utilized the billing services of 20/20 MD billing for the past 7 years. I have found the professionalism and work ethic that they exemplify produce the greatest percentage of cash flow to my practice.

Christopher N. Bladen

Bladen Strategic Advisors

Without a doubt, you have brought a great deal of comfort to my clients, and I would strongly recommend your services to any physician that needs help with billing. This area is constantly under attack by insurance and government agencies changing rules and regulations. Unless a billing department is able to keep up with this, it can cost thousands of dollars in lost claims, time, and sanity.