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About 20/20 MD Billing and how we can help you.


How we do it?

20/20 is a sister company to Microwize Tech. who helped thousands of practices through the past ten years to get the best medical software and hardware in the market.

20/20 MD Financial Management is NOT just another billing company. What sets 20/20 MD apart from other billing companies is….Knowledge!

No pushy sales people will call on you or staff. 20/20 MD Billing understands how valuable your time is. Our job #1 is to help your practice run at peak performance. That is why 20/20 MD is committed to keeping abreast of ongoing changes, education and compliance within the healthcare industry.

Your satisfaction depends on 20/20 MD knowledge and we are up to the challenge. 20/20 MD will be there for your practice every step of the way. Make the choice to call 20/20 MD Billing @ 201-488-3360 for a customized practice analysis that you cannot afford to be without.

As a medical billing company we extend ourselves for your benefit.

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Benefits of Outsourcing with 20/20 MD Billing

The key benefits of outsourcing billing, collections and other administrative functions can be extremely valuable to any size practice. Operating costs can be reduced by:

Reduced Cost

Reduced costs for postage and telephone expenses.

Treat Patients Easily

You and your staff will have more time and space to treat patients

Streamline in Hands

Streamline your billing department.

No Downtime While Training

No employee turnover and NO downtime while training new staff.

Eliminate the High Cost

Eliminate the high cost of benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, vacation time, sick time and pension plans.

We Provide Everything

No need for purchasing expensive hardware and software upgrades.


We are committed to substantially improve our clients’ billing processes, with immediate and measurable financial results. We ensure maximum reimbursement for the services rendered. We work with you and your patients with the utmost courtesy and respect. We do it right the first time. Period.


Our success depends on our clients’ success! We are not hourly employees that get paid regardless of effort. We roll up our sleeves and get the work done, thereby providing clients with the highest customer satisfaction possible. We have the passion, experience, track record and necessary tools to deliver. We will substantially improve clients’ collections and cash flow, while lowering overall processing cost!


Lorna Gabriel

Deena Badr

Christina Benavides

Teresa Meyers

Joe Aponte

Breanne Torres

Vince Burke
Infinity Institute
Infinity Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, LLC has been working with 2020MD Billing for three years. When we first opened our doors, we made the decision to hire an individual to do our medical billing. Within three months, it became apparent that this was a grave mistake. Lorna and her staff came
Dr. Gary S. Safier D.O.
Board Certified Family Practioner
I have been in practice forty years and I have utilized the billing services of 20/20 MD billing for the past 7 years. I have found the professionalism and work ethic that they exemplify produces the greatest percentage of cash flow to my practice.