Medical Billing Coding

Medical billing coding is sending diagnosis code (ICD 10) and CPT code on a medical claim. The coding is the provider’s responsibility, however a certified coder is able to advise and correct a physician’s coding based on the medical note and the service that was performed for the patient.

Depending on the specialty, some specialties require more expertise such as surgeries and bundling and unbundling of codes. The order of the claims and how you position your CPT codes can make a huge difference in a physician reimbursement. A well trained and certified coder can help a provider get the maximum amount of reimbursement. With ICD 10 and modifiers physicians changed many rules that most billers and physicians are accustomed to. Working with 2020 MD Billing you will realize what a solid experience can make a difference in a physician’s cash flow and reimbursement.

Utilizing our state of the art electronic health record to generate a note will also help the physician to code the right ICD 10 modifiers and procedure code. Using such a technology that generates an electronic super bill will smooth the communication and the efficiency in a practice.

Our electronic health record makes it so simple for a provider to code, addendum, and sign off on a note. The electronic health record’s easy-to-navigate dashboard will help providers find unassigned notes, completed notes, and neglected notes.

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