Medical Auditing

What is Billing Auditing?

A physician practice billing audit is frequently established to assure the physician is submitting suitably coded claims according to CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, guidelines and conventions, and payer payment policies, as the specialist is ultimately liable for claims submissions.


medical auditing


Billing Auditing

Auditing charges for physicians and billing practices are demanding, however they will improve claims management process, revenue and consent. Auditing annually gives physicians and practices staff the ability to identify specific coding issues that may persist in similar claims submissions.


Who should perform the audit?

An audit with physicians and practice staff participating during the process will bring out the best results. As a physician, you are permitted to be compensated for the services you contribute when they are coded and documented accordingly. Physicians and practice staff that have deep knowledge in CPT coding and guidelines as well as payer’s medical payment policy, contracts, fee schedules reimbursement are invaluable to a successful audit. Specialists and practice staff that are not as experienced in coding will learn more from the audit and will be able to catch their mistakes in the future and make their code more clean and efficient.

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