Why Outsource Your Billing


Why outsource your billing? Outsourcing your billing can have many benefits for your practice

to make it a more productive and profitable business. These advantages can include:


More Convenience, Less Worry

  • At 20/20 we want to increase the income of your practice. Our billing service can afford to hire the best staff imaginable, so you can pay less for the same and often higher collection percentages.
  • Additionally to the financial asset of higher returns and lower costs, you save to quantify areas of time, stress, and office space.
  • Someone else is taking care of the time consuming work and dealing with the headaches, so the providers have breathing room to review their monthly reports and see at a glance the health of the practice. Monthly and annual comparisons are quickly made and all questions are addressed by account managers in detail. Things like charge entry errors or payer reimbursement issues can be identified early before they spiral out of control. Adding an expert billing team to the mix utilizes a team approach to progress toward mutual goals.



Dealing with a certified experienced coder can help a practice maximize on reimbursement

  • Specific ICD-10 Diagnosis
  • Bundling and Unbundling
  • Ordering of Charge Lines
  • Proper Modifiers
  • Fee Schedule


Focus on Practice & Payments

  • Most small practices rely on one or two people to do their billing for them.
  • However, in real life people move on and change jobs, and come and get sick or they get terminated. It becomes a challenge for a practice to replace a billing personnel in a short period of time. The hiring process is extremely taxing and cumbersome. It is harder for a physician to know the capability of a biller just from a resume or only during the interview.
  • The end result is damage and interruption to the practice.
  • 20/20 MD Billing can remove this burden from you. A billing service is an ideal way to free up your valuable time while maintaining the same patient volume and potentially increasing your revenue at the same time.
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