Medical Service Billing Prices

medical_billing_pricesCheap can be very expensive, very often a mistake is done by hiring the wrong service because it was cheap and without considering the value you will get with such a service. At 20/20 we will not tell you how much it will cost you, we will tell you how much we’ll make you. We want to become your partner and your extension for your billing staff. We provide 100% of the labor in the USA. We create a pleasant and healthy working environment while providing great benefits such as medical, dental, and 401k benefits to our staff. It’s not a secret by training and finding the best talents. It makes money for both of us while being able to hold on experience and loyal employees.


Medical Service Billing Prices starting at 1.9% of collective revenue, 20/20 MD Billing has a package to fit your need and budget.




20/20 MD Billing can give you light assistance to your existing billing staff without the need of outsourcing your billing service and without providing the billing and scheduling software in the cloud. Clearing house connections and necessary management to coach, train, motivate, and monitor your existing billing operations. We also offer other services, depending on your need, that can provide a certified EHR and an end-to-end service to help you qualify for value base reimbursement such as MACRA. Thus, you don’t have to leave money on the table or get penalized by any of the changes of health care reimbursement.







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